About IRAQ:

(IRAQ: The Land Between the Two Rivers/ Mesopotamia)

Years of war has badly affected the Universities in Iraq, leaving them under-resourced and isolated from the Global Academic Community.

The stability that has recently set in Iraq has helped rebuild its infrastructure and the the Universities have since then, been able to open their doors again.

As the situation has improved, Iraqi Universities has been able to communicate with the Global Academic Community, especially in the United Kingdom, U.S.A and other countries to strengthen Iraqi's Higher Education system and equip talented Iraqi students with the skills they need to rebuild their country.

Iraqi Higher Education Institutions has now been able to reconnect with their counterparts around the world in order to share skills, knowledge and ideas, such as:

  • Developments in Information Technology and Research Equipment
  • Creating opportunities to network with Higher Education professionals from other countries.
  • Strengthening and modernizing current approaches to teaching and learning in Higher Education.
  • Knowledge-sharing in Higher Education, Learning and Research

Partner Universities have worked together to update and improve teaching, learning and research within the Iraqi Higher Education System, drawing upon the experience of Higher Education institutions from all over the World.

Providing a central Point of Contact

MSE AGENCY, working with many British Universities in the United Kingdom, aims to facilitate constructive engagement between the British and Iraqi Higher Education sectors.

We advise on the best match that can be made between higher education needs within Iraq and expertise available within the United Kingdom.

At a practical level the consortium will be able to help as a bridge by helping to coordinate the dissemination of information. With the wide range of experience and expertise at hand, MSE AGENCY is ideally suited to act as a 'one stop shop' for Iraqi ministries, universities and students.

For example, the consortium represents an ideal means of providing input when it comes to development projects within the Iraqi higher education sector. Students who want to study abroad will know that, through MSE AGENCY, they will have access to some of the UK's leading universities, all of whom are familiar with the Iraqi education system, and sympathetic to its needs and history.

Expertise & Understanding of the Iraqi Educational System

MSE AGENCY will share its expertise within the group and wider community in Britain to facilitate the re-entry of Iraqi higher education system into the global community.

Particularly relevant will be the coordination and dissemination of information about Iraqi qualifications, helping UK universities to understand better academic equivalencies when it comes to considering applications from Iraqi students.

Our objective is to instil confidence on both sides, encouraging mobility of students and staff from Iraq to the UK.

Meeting the needs of Iraqi Students wanting to study abroad

In some cases; it will be difficult for one single British university to meet specific needs identified by its Iraqi partner or partners.

MSE AGENCY is committed to providing students high quality services in the following areas:

  • Guidance to students wanting to study PhD, MSc or BSc programmes.
  • English Language courses if required prior to Academic Study with excellent relations with many English Language Colleges.
  • Guidance on Visa Applications
  • Assistance in Accommodation & Integration into British Society.