Medicine / Dentistry

Medicine and Dentistry


Undergraduate Programmes

Entry to Undergraduate Medicine is extremely competitive. Competition is so fierce that Medical School will usually require top marks in A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate. Other Qualifications, including 'Foundation Programmes' are recognised for admissions purposes, but this is relatively rare.

Each Medical School is allowed to take only a very small percentage of Non-EU Students: typically less than 20 each year. Some give preference to countries that have no Medical Schools.

Postgraduate Programmes

Entry to Clinical Postgraduate Medicine requires registration with the General Medical Council, and the Universities are not involved in the process.

New Immigration Rules prohibit Doctors from outside the European Union being given Training places.


Entrants to Postgraduate Dentistry must first pass the Overseas Registration Exam and then apply to Universities for a place.

PhD Programmes in Medicine and Dentistry are Laboratory-based, and cannot include any contact with patients unless the postgraduate is registered with the GMC or GDC. The PhD is not a clinical training Programme.