Student Visitor

Student Visitor Visa (SVV) / Extended Student Visitor Visa (ESVV)

This section describes the immigration category of student visitor, and explains who can come to the UK as a Student Visitor.

If you are an adult and you want to undertake a short course of study in the United Kingdom (such as a beginner's English Language course or a work-related training course), you might be able to come here as a student visitor.

Student Visitors are allowed to come to the United Kingdom for 6 months (or 11 months if they will be studying an English Language course longer than 6 months). When you enter the United Kingdom, the UKBA will stamp the duration of your permission to stay in your passport. You cannot extend your stay beyond this period.

Please refer to the UKBA website for full information about Student Visitor Visa:

Can you come to the UK as a Student Visitor?

To come to the United Kingdom as a Student Visitor, you must have been accepted on a course of study in the UK. The institution that provides the course must be:

You must not intend to study at a maintained school.

You must show that, during your visit, you do not intend to:

  • take paid or unpaid employment, produce goods or provide services, including the selling of goods or services directly to members of the public;
  • marry or register a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership;
  • carry out the activities of a business visitor, a sports visitor or an entertainer visitor; or
  • receive private medical treatment.

You must also be able to show that:

  • you are 18 or over;
  • you intend to visit the UK for no more than 6 months (or 11 months if you will be undertaking an English Language course - see below);
  • you intend to leave the UK at the end of your visit;
  • you have enough money to support and accommodate yourself without working or help from public funds, or you and any dependants will be supported and accommodated by relatives or friends;
  • you can meet the cost of the return or onward journey; and
  • you are not in transit to a country outside the 'Common Travel Area' (Ireland, the UK, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

Here we define an English Language course as a course in English Language for students whose first language is not English and who are learning it as a foreign language. A mixed course, with a portion of time spent learning English, does not qualify as an English Language course.

For information about your rights and responsibilities while you are in the UK, see on the UKBA's website at the Visitors' rights and responsibilities section.

You should provide documents to show that you meet the above requirements.

Original Source: UKBA Website